54 things to do in Kebumen the latest that again Hits 2019

Kebumen is a regency in Central Java, this regency has a million charms and panaroma of nature is stunning and still many hidden, so there are still many people who do not know the beauty and cool place in Kebumen The. Kebumen has plenty of cool Spot attractions, ranging from cultural sites, historical sites, contemporary photo spots, beaches – beautiful beaches, to a waterfall that is very pampering the eyes and should soon you explore.

If you have a plan for a vacation to Kebumen, do not worry about its beauty, this district offers quite a lot of tourist options for you to visit. During this time if Kebumen rarely sounds cool place for a vacation, but it turns out that Kebumen also has many cool natural tourist places that are not less than the tour in Semarang, Jogja or other big cities.

Alright to be not at length, just go to the destination point of this article we created, this article aims to make it easier for you to find the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kebumen, newest and recommended for you to explore. Here we briefly reviewed 54 attractions in Kebumen the latest you should immediately Explore:

1. Menganti Beach
Photo by: JejakPiknik.com
Address: Karangduwur Village, Ayah District, Kebumen District, Central Java

2. Logending Beach
Photo by: desapasirayah.blogspot.co.id
Address: Village Ayah, District Ayah, Kebumen, Central Java

3. Karang Bolong Beach
Photo by: daftarpantaiindonesia.web.id
Address: Karangbolong Village, Buayan District, Kebumen District, Central Java
4. Lembupurwo Beach Gumuk Sand
Photo by: diaspora iqbal
Address: Central Java, Mirit, Kebumen District, Lembupurwo Village

5. Lampon Beach
Photo by: Explore Kebumen
Address: Village of Pasir, subdistrict Ayah, Kebumen, Central Java
6. Gebyuran Beach
Address: Pantai Gebyuran, Kebumen District, Central Java 54473
7. Bopong Beach
Photo by: Explore Kebumen
Address: Beach Area, Surorejan, Puring, Kebumen, Central Java

8. Karang Agung Beach
Photo by: Zona Libur
Address: Argopeni, Ayah, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah
9. Natural Jembangan Tourism
Photo by: Explore Kebumen
Address: Sukadana, Jembangan, Poncowarno, Kebumen, Central Java
10. Pranji Hill
Photo by: Blog Reservasi

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