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Project Techno was built using CodeIgniter v 3.1.5. Source Code Techno is an open source project for the website of IT Consultant Company profile as a promotional tool.

The hallmarks of this source code are Real Count Visitor, Real count View article Page, Real Count Rating, Toast Message, Share Sosmed articles, and SEO URL.

The Backend of this Source Code is built using the LTE Admin template, which is a very common template for current Web developers. In addition, this source code also uses Toast Message to display the message.

The module of this source code is as follows:

1. Dashboard

2. Management News/Articles

3. User Management

4. Portfolio Management

5. Category Management

6. Album Management

7. Photo Gallery Management

8. Inbox Management

9. etc.
Please download source code web company profile the following link :

Any need translator or comment iam ready to fast response.

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