Source Code Company Profile Hotel

MHOTEL is Open Source Source Code for company Profile Hotel, guest house or similar.

Full responsive and looks stunning on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Built with the PHP Codeigniter v 3.1.10 Framework by following the standard design of MVC Patern, it is easy to develop further by any web developer.

This Source Code runs well in SHARED HOSTING. Live uploads and a bit of configuration, everything is a good way.

Modules and Features:

#1. Unique Count Visitors

#2. Unique Count Post Views

#3. SEO Friendly URL

#4. Custom URL Permalink

#5. Share Post Social Media

#6. Custom Image Slider

#7. Dashboard

#8. Blog Post

#9. Room and Suite

#10. Management Fasiltas

#11. The Management Restaurant

#12. Management Inbox

#13. Management Events

#14. Management Users

#15. Contact Info


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