How to install python PIP in windows easily


PIP is a pakage commonly used to install and manage pakage written in python language.

PIP python is an easy-to-use utility for installing pakage python via comand line.

In this tutorial I will share how to install pip in windows.

1. Check python if it is installed
Knowing whether python is installed or not, we can type, python on comand line/cmd

2. Download PIP get-pip.py
Download the get-pip-.py file to install, save it wherever you want but you have to remember where you saved the file.

source link
or a link from my gdrive

3. Install get-pip-.py
Open comand line and keep in the directory where the file get-pip-.py, and type
4. Check pips
If it is already installed, please check the pips by 

If all steps are executed properly, pip can already be used to install python pakage.


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